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Master Seven is an Independent Record Label servicing mainly the Pop/Rock, AOR, and Top 40 genres. Our mission is to successfully promote artists who have excellent songwriting skills, desire more control over their project, and wish to be generously compensated for their work.

We are currently working exclusively with Tom Beninate and his Jam Seven project to complete a four-record deal. Tom's Organic Jam, Shore Jam, and City Jam records have been released and he is currently working on the fourth CD, Solar Jam.

In another order of business, we are building a community among independent songwriters that allows each artist to be more effective in writing songs and in marketing their portfolios. This grassroots effort will make the resources and experiences of the community available for others to use. We believe this movement will enable artists to ultimately get their music in front of larger audiences.

In 2011, we saw the successful launch of our “Interviews with the Artists” series. For its first full year, we’ve attracted thousands of visitors to the Artist's websites who have read these in-depth conversations. We have integrated this series with our growing songwriting community, and expanded this group to include other professionals and executives in the music business.